Second iteration of my personal website

Last few months I've been playing around with some great new technlogies in the sphere of the JAMstack and React.

I've always been fascinated by blazing fast websites, static websites and recently got a lot of interest in React. I've been using it at work and was never happier creating front-end applications. When I first found out about Gatsby I couldn't believe it was possible to combine in one static websites (well ok static assets) and React.

I remember being in a train and testing this awesome tool and being able to just create fast a website with markdown and have all these performance optimisations, image effects out of the box and being amazed by it! Few months later and here I am having contributed numerous PRs into this awesome project with its vibrant, inclusive and helpful community.

I've also published my first NPM packages:

I was so excited with how easy things were I've put up in a few days a travel blog OAsome using Gatsby. And this is what got me into thinking that maybe I should try another UI component library. After all I was reading everywhere about this awesome libaries for css-in-js (styled-components and emotion) that I had to give it a try.

Tadaa! I have now found out about Grommet and its awesome team and have been contributing numerous PRs to that project as well! For me Grommet feels like a new fresh air in design and components!

I managed to combine both together for creating a theme builder and I am all too excited about other websites I can put up online.

Finally when I decided to give a small/big facelift to my personal website I couldn't go with anything else besides Gatsby and Grommet! Fast, beautiful (to my taste) and with the tools I like! Looking forward writing here about my adventures with those tools and my interaction with the awesome community!

January 23, 2019