Sublime Text - Plugins - Themes - Configurations

I am using Sublime Text on a daily basis for almost anything. From keeping notes to programming to writing reports. I find that it offers great capabilities with its great interface and the numerous plugins available. If only it was under a CC licence.

What i find really good with this text editor is the ability to have everything under control. It has so many key bindings that are really usefull when you actually code a lot. I wont write an article about how great it is as it is a topic widely covered. I am aiming to present you some of my main configurations, installed plugins and the key bindings i am using most often.

Package manager

First things first. The greatest plugin of all is package manager. You can find it here and the reason behind it's greatness is the simplicity which is offering upon installing uninstalling and generally using this text-editor. You can call the package manager pressing shift-ctrl-p.


This is more about each ones taste. Mine is Glacier and you can find it via the package manager. Glacier is a flat, colorful theme/scheme combo for Sublime Text. It focuses on using saturated colors to introduce more contrast and visual interest.



I am using a fair number of plugins so I ll present you the most important ones:


If you are working on servers, whee you have root access, or other devices where you ssh to, like a raspberry pi, and you do love ST then you should consider this plugin. Directions to install are here. After you install you can use a reverse tunnel to connect to the machine you want. When you open a file on the machine it is automatically transfered to your local machine so that you can edit it with ST.

ssh -R 52698:localhost:52698 serverAdd


This plugin has vastly improved my speed writing html/css code with the solutions it offers. You only need to check their manual and you will understand that it is actually a must!


I tend to write my reports using LaTeX and this plugin is great. It offers the build command and some code completion.

Language - Francais - French

This is a spelling plugin. It is better than the ones listed on github and thus i use this one.

The rest

I have also installed many packages for the university like Awk and Prolog for the programming languages, Jinja for the jinja templates I use with flask and so on.