Thoughts on my research project

My research project (moar details), is now over. I have presented my research and the implementations to the jury and you can check my slides or / and my report (in French) here.

I had to the chance to work for more than two months with Fabien Laguillaumie on this project and his help, advice and direction was extremely helpful and enthusiastic. Thus, I thank him for taking the time to "fabricate" a research project adressing my interests (Cryptography, Elliptic curves, python etc) and for the time he spent on it with me.The opportunity to work on fascinating procedures for Cryptography such as mixnets and zero-knowledge proofs was trully inspiring. I had a lot of fun working on them.

There's still a hell of a work to do with the implementation, just to name some issues:

  • Authentication
  • Multiple candidates elections
  • Speeding up mixnets
  • Moar proofs (i.e permuation)
  • client site encryption with js

and the website is far from perfect. So if anyone wants to contribute on these issues its going to do more good than harm. Actually no harm :p