My presentation at about image-heavy gatsby sites!

On the JAMstack paris 4th edition I had the opportunity to talk about image-heavy websites in the Gatsby world! The talk was recorded and you can check it on ๐Ÿ‘‰ youtube! Slides are online as well at Netlify

Giving my first talk!

When I saw the call for talks I was quite hesitant to propose something, after all besides giving brief presentations at the university I had no experience whatsoever talking in public!

After taking the step to propose something I was amazed that my talk was picked and had an even bigger surprise when I found out how @Phacks and @matthieuauger handles the whole process! To prepare the talk and get early feedback we had two sessions one during lunch to get to know each other a bit better and then discuss more in details the subject. Second one was for demoing the talk and getting feedback before the d-day!

It was just great! My talk had improved a ton from the early feedback, my slides got way better and it was just a wonderful experience to be able to talk my presentation through and get my stress out! If you are looking to make your first talk i can't recommend enough! The subject is great and the organisation even better!

Preparing the talk

Funny story behind the talk is that most of the content is available in a blog post. I knew in advance that preparing the content wouldn't require a huge workload, so I decided to experiment with something new to create my slides mdx-deck.

I now recognise I've spent 10x the time I would initially spend just for experimenting with the tooling, creating abstractions to help me on my next presentations and learning about yarn workspaces and Code surfer.

Here's the code and it was totally worth it ๐Ÿ˜€!

New mdx-deck version was released a few days before the talk, I will need to upgrade my tooling! Otherwise I can't recommend enough the project.

Huge thanks

Huge thanks to Developer Mode for providing the awesome space at the Montparnasse tour! We were on the 52 floor and it was a great chance to see a panoramic view of Paris once again (paid visits are at the 56 floor)!

We also couldn't be more thankful to the cleaning lady who was kind enough to take care of our beers and put them in her fridge in order to get them fresh! She was just amazing!

July 31, 2019