GSoC Debsources report: #1

Heya, this is my first report on my work on Debsources during the coding period of Google Summer of Code 2015. I am not going to go into details on what I've done each week as this is purpose of the report in the mailing list. However I intend to share my feelings, once a while, about this experience and present some interesting problems, solutions we encounter.

Anyway my main tasks this week were:

  • review the copyright spec file
  • refactor the navigation code used in the sources Blueprint
  • browse d/copyright files using the aforementioned refactored code.

A more detailed description about these tasks can be found here

All in all I am pretty happy as I almost finished my tasks on time. The ambiance on the IRC is excellent and both the mentors and other people hanging in the channel are happy to help us solving problems and spend quality time with us!

As part of my learning experience I (finally) had the opportunity to work with Blueprints and Pluggable Views. At the beginning, mixing both of the Blueprints (moar info on the spec file) was a bit problematic but we managed to come with an easy solution.

I am really excited and itching for my week #2.