Complete Redesign

Hello readers and welcome to my new complete redesigned website.

This is a step forward in my web capabilities as I used the awesome micro-framework Flask ( yes no more PHP! Viva Python ) and another framework I really appreciate and find useful, Bootstrap.

With this new website I am aiming to present better the projects, jobs, internships i am taking part in as well as blogging about coding, the open source tools i daily use and anything I might find interesting and attractive.

This website is entirely open source licenced under the CC 4.0 International Licence. You can find the source code at my github repo and a bit shout to other flask users who gave the inspiration as well as some heads up about the code i used.

Last but not least this website is created using Raspberry pi. I am planning on talking more about this in the upcoming weeks. IMG 0701

October 20, 2014