Codingame - A game for programmers

I have recently found out about a greate game called "codingame"! It is actually a game for programmers where there are many puzzles and contests in many different languages (20).

CodinGame Contests are online programming competitions, where software developers / programmers from all over the world can compete for fun, or to get in contact with companies they like and that are recruiting. CodinGame consist in developing computer programs to solve complex problems in a limited time.

[...] CodinGame Contests are an opportunity for participating Employers to be put into contact with a community of programmers / software developers in search of jobs and to recruit applying candidates (the "Candidates") who meet their expectations.

I found it great from three point of views:

  • It is greatly amusing creating codes that you can see at small games and actually observe simulations.
  • The games present a really good oportunity to test ones knowledge of a programming language and advance.
  • It is a chance to meet and talk with ther programmers. You never know there this can lead!

I started solving the puzzles and I have created a repository where I put my codes. The language I chose is Python and right now I am taking on the fifth puzzle.

Real thumbs-up to the coders-designers who put this up.