2015 Timeline - archive

Tor middle relay - Raspberry pi 2015-01-11

Recently I took some time to configure my raspberry pi as a middle relay. Exit relays can be dangerous depending where you live so I decided to help a bit tor with a middle relay. This was easy to do and fun, and its nice doing something fun and ... Read more

GSoC Debsources report: #1 2015-05-31

Heya, this is my first report on my work on Debsources during the coding period of Google Summer of Code 2015. I am not going to go into details on what I've done each week as this is purpose of the report in the mailing list. However I intend to ... Read more

GSoC Debsources midterm news 2015-07-22

Midterm evaluations have already passed and I guess we have also reached a milestone since last week I finished working on the copyright tracker and started the patch tracker. Here's the list of my reports on soc-coordination for those interested ... Read more

Debian accepted me for Google Summer of Code 2015 2015-04-28

Yay! I found out that I got accepted by Debian to work on the Debsources project for Google Summer of Code 2015. This announcement pretty much ends up two exciting months for me. My research project was completed and i received some great feedback ... Read more

GSoC Debsources updates 2015-06-23

The first 4 weeks have been really great. I had the chance to work on the new webapp, the copyright tracker. Here are my first 4 reports for the weeks: week #1 week #2 week #3 week #4 Summary During these weeks i completed the navigation (by prefix, ... Read more

Mixing Tornado Flask and Websockets 2015-02-20

Part of my research project (moar details), was to create an application that would measure and illustrate the process of voting on the internet using elliptic curves. A major part of that was to create the mixnets and having a server (backend) ... Read more

Thoughts on my research project 2015-03-05

My research project (moar details), is now over. I have presented my research and the implementations to the jury and you can check my slides or / and my report (in French) here. I had to the chance to work for more than two months with Fabien ... Read more

Research Project - Cryptographic methods for electronic voting 2015-01-19

For the next two months I'll be working on a research project. The title is "Cryptographic methods for electronic voting" and my aim is to study several techniques used in the domaine of the electronic voting such as homomorphic encryption, mixnets, ... Read more