2014 Timeline - archive

Complete Redesign 2014-10-20

Hello readers and welcome to my new complete redesigned website. This is a step forward in my web capabilities as I used the awesome micro-framework Flask ( yes no more PHP! Viva Python ) and another framework I really appreciate and find useful, ... Read more

Tor hidden services - dynamic IP 2014-10-29

This post mainly covers reasons behind my motivation on having a Tor hidden service on my Raspberry Pi as well as a small tutorial configuring this. I am using my rpi as a development server testing different open source projects, as an irssi ... Read more

Python Conference Lyon 1 2014-10-21

Hello everyone, On the 25 until the 28 of October a Python conference will take place at the University Lyon 1. It is organised by the AFPy, Association Francophone Python, and it is free and open access. You can already find out the list of ... Read more

Codingame - A game for programmers 2014-11-14

I have recently found out about a greate game called "codingame"! It is actually a game for programmers where there are many puzzles and contests in many different languages (20). CodinGame Contests are online programming competitions, where ... Read more

Sublime Text - Plugins - Themes - Configurations 2014-10-23

I am using Sublime Text on a daily basis for almost anything. From keeping notes to programming to writing reports. I find that it offers great capabilities with its great interface and the numerous plugins available. If only it was under a CC ... Read more

Completed Projects | Jobs | Internships 2014-10-30

During the last 2 years I had the opportunity to work with different people not only as a freelance web developer but as an intern as well. This post's motive is to present you the different projects i participated prior to the creation of this ... Read more

University 2014-10-16

Unfortunately i have many projects during this time of the year for the university. The main subjects are Object Oriented programmation in java, web programmation using servlets and jsp (sigh), a pascal compilator programmed using flex-bison-c++ and ... Read more

Toumazis Jacob website 2014-10-18

My latest job as a freelance Web developper was to create a website for a PhD student at the University at Buffalo in United States. His research interests include transportation systems, robust optimization and applications of Operations Research ... Read more

Install Debian Jessie on MacBookPro 2014-11-11

This tutorial covers the process of installing Debian Jessie on a MacBookPro. I've chosen to document this process as I found it hard to overcome some problems I had during my several tries installing Debian on a Mac, mostly problems with grub and ... Read more