Completed projects

Debian accepted me for Google Summer of Code 2015

Yay! I found out that I got accepted by Debian to work on the Debsources project for Google Summer of Code 2015. This announcement pretty much ends up two exciting months for me. My research project was completed and i received some great feedback ... Read more

Thoughts on my research project

My research project (moar details), is now over. I have presented my research and the implementations to the jury and you can check my slides or / and my report (in French) here. I had to the chance to work for more than two months with Fabien ... Read more

Completed Projects | Jobs | Internships

During the last 2 years I had the opportunity to work with different people not only as a freelance web developer but as an intern as well. This post's motive is to present you the different projects i participated prior to the creation of this ... Read more

Toumazis Jacob website

My latest job as a freelance Web developper was to create a website for a PhD student at the University at Buffalo in United States. His research interests include transportation systems, robust optimization and applications of Operations Research ... Read more