Toumazis Jacob website

My latest job as a freelance Web developper was to create a website for a PhD student at the University at Buffalo in United States. His research interests include transportation systems, robust optimization and applications of Operations Research in healthcare.

I worked 1 week to get to the actual result. The main tools i used were:

  • PHP, for database connection where he stores his publications, articles etc.
  • Foundation as a CSS framework
  • FontAwesome for the icons
  • Filezilla as an FTP client
  • Sublime Text as text editor

The result can be observed here. Iakovos has now an FTP access at my server to modify and insert new information as well as an interface where he adds new articles, publications etc in the database.

I am pretty happy with my website. Orestis created the interfacte i wanted and I am now able to modify, insert and delete the information I want at any time.