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During the last 2 years I had the opportunity to work with different people not only as a freelance web developer but as an intern as well. This post's motive is to present you the different projects i participated prior to the creation of this website.

Freelance web developer

  • One of my biggest jobs as a freelancer was to create a website for a, Cyprus based, ship supplying company with the name Ancora-Services. I have been working on this website for around 3 months. My main mission was the creation of a responsive website that could present the company. In addition I created two catalogues and a form to send offers and ask for estimates. The result can be seen at spent most of the time raffinating the website at the clients demands and creating the catalogue using InDesign.

  • An interesting job last year was to refactor the website for an artist. His desires were to keep the current design but implement a simpler solution for adding the images of his projects and the ability to view in a bigger manner the images of his work. The result is at I tried to template much of the existing code using PHP in an effort to limit the code present at the each of the projects website. This facilitated his ability to create new pages without any structure problems. As a gallery and image viewer I used fancybox

  • Lastly I worked, during 2 weeks, as a web developer in order to create a simple and attracting website for a Mathematician. Results can be found at


In order to complete my BsC I worked as an intern at Anosis Lifts Services. My mission was to create a website for this company. The duration of the internship was 3 months. This was a more elaborate work as i create a scope statement and then the website with the help of my tutor. You can check the results at [](//